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Structural Solutions
Structural Solutions
Structural Solutions provides Professional Engineering, Consulting, Construction and Construction Management services for residential, multifamily, condominium, commercial and industrial clients in Northern and Central New Jersey as well as the New Jersey Shore.


We inspect home structures and other facilities for damage from fire, storm, flooding and other disasters. In addition, we provide detailed assessment of any possible structural defects which may be noted during a residential home inspection. We work closely with home inspectors, attorneys, realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers, insurance companies, appraisers and other professionals involved in the sale, purchase or repair of a home or other facility. We provide timely reports and if required, repair solutions to support some of the aggressive schedules that can accompany a real estate transaction. Most of our reports are completed and delivered to our clients within 24 hours.

We also work with many home owners who require assessment of their existing home due for storm damages such as that caused by “superstorm” SANDY. Many individuals have contracted our services to obtain an independent written assessment to provide to insurance carriers, FEMA, etc.


We frequently prepare detailed design drawings on AutoCad as well as specifications for the repair of existing basement foundation walls, footings, roof trusses, rafters and joist and other structural elements in residential, commercial and industrial structures. These drawings and specifications are usually required to obtain permits from the local municipal building department.

Our repair methodologies have included some of the following :

-Basement wall replacement or reinforcement with carbon fiber and Kevlar strips or steel reinforcing rods rods

-House raising or underpinning with helical or other micro pile systems

-Deadmen to stabilize buckling basement foundation walls

-Steel beams, concrete or block pilasters to reinforce buckling foundation walls

-Steel reinforcement of weakend beams girders or other structural members with channels, flitch plates, etc

-Replacement of damaged members or installation of new members for building additions or alterations with parallam, microlam, glulam or other engineered wood products


As part of the full range of services we provide, we also perform actual repairs of the many structural defects including:

-Rough carpentry and framing for reinforcement of existing members or addition steel post, channels , flitch plates

-Installation of engineered wood members

-Installation of carbon fiber strips, concrete or block pilasters or steel reinforcing bar or beams to reinforce buckling or weakened foundation walls

-Installation of helical or other micropile systems to underpin settling structures

-We are currently certified installers for Fortress Stabilization Systems (

Please note: We may subcontract certain portions of the work based on availability of forces and equipment.
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